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Its been forever

so I haven’t written here in forever. How is everyone?
Me, I am good. So is Nitro. He’s 7 now. Still as cute as ever.
As for me, I am currently doing an independent living skills course. I like it a lot. I started last October. I am learning a whole lot of new things. One main thing I like that I am learning is how to cook.
I enjoy cooking and am making a whole lot of dishes. I’m currently losing weight also. I’ve lost 1 stone, 14 pounds since the start of Febuary.
I’m doing slimming world. Its really working for me.
So guys, how are things with you? Do tell me?


First post

This is my first post on this blog.
My name is Shirley. I am 36 years old.
I am blind and on this blog I will write about my life, technology, blindness related topics, my dog, etc.
I live in Ireland and have a guide dog named nitro who is six years old.
I look forward to having contact with you all.
Please follow my blog and like or comment.
❤ x